Implants and mini implants.


Using the implants to support full removable dentures is probably the best solution for edentulous patients.

 Introduction of mini implants several years ago became a revolutionary development in solution of problems associated with the lower dentures. Using this technique, in just a one one-hour appointment the Doctor is able to place mini implants and fit your existing dentures to be supported by them.

The advantages of the mini implants are:

1.    Fast, easy and simple surgical procedure. The absolute majority of the patients do not even take painkillers after the procedure.

2.    Cost savings- mini implants cost a small fraction of what regular implants cost.

3.    Immediate loading of the implants allows using them right away after placement.

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How it works

  1. Patient is anesthetized with local anesthetic. The sites are marked and the small size drill is used right through the tissue. No cutting of the gum required, no flap no sutures.
  2. The self-tapped implant is placed into the site and advanced into the bone by hand ranch or headpiece. The implant body is fully embedded inside the bone under the gum, leaving just the head part of mini-implant above the gum surface.

Mini implant placed inside the bone

3.The attachment caps are placed on the implants. They contain rubber O-rings that are the active part of the attachment.

4.The acrylic removed from the inside part of the existing denture, allowing the denture to freely sit on the gums over the implants with the attached cups placed on them


5.The metal caps are picked up in the denture using self-cured acrylic resin. Excess resin is cleared away and the prosthesis is complete. The O-rings can be easily changed at any time



 The main disadvantage of mini implants is the relatively short live, compare to regular Dental Implants and much higher failure rate than the full size implants. For the long term success the full size implants are recommended to use for the full denture support

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