Denture Reline


The denture reline is an economical alternative procedure to the new denture. A reline involves resurfacing only the inside portions of the denture to give it a snug fit wit the existing gum condition. There are few different types of denture relines used in dentistry.


In office reline:


In office reline is the procedure when the reline material is placed inside the denture and the denture is placed right in the patient’s mouth. The reline material hardens right in the mouth, excess is trimmed, and you are ready to go. Unfortunately, even though it is the fastest and easiest reline procedure, it would not give you the same long lasting results as “lab reline” 

Lab reline:


 For the laboratory reline procedure, doctor will take the impression of your gums with your existing denture and send to the dental lab and processed in a laboratory-cured material.  


Hard Reline:

A hard permanent reline is sent to the dental laboratory and processed in a laboratory-cured plastic, the same acrylic material that is used to make your denture. It is the most used reline and recommended to be done at least every two years, to accommodate changes in the denture underlying bone and gums.


Soft Reline:


You probably heard term “soft dentures”. Some people with very sensitive gums prefer “soft dentures” instead of traditional ones. Basically, the “soft denture” is the traditional denture relined with the soft material.

     There are two kinds of soft lines:

  1. One, which can be mixed up and placed in the office (in office soft tissue reline). It is often used as the tissue conditioner, before the new denture or hard reline is done. It helps to reduce inflammation of the gums under ill-fitted dentures. It is temporary procedure and will last 4 to 8 weeks.


  1. The other kind of soft liner needs a impression taken inside your denture and is sent to the lab to have the lab place less than an 1/8 inch of soft acrylic inside the denture( lab soft tissue reline).  This is also not permanent reline but should last eight month to a year, before the new one reline will be needed.

In our Greenpoint Denture Center we have the dental tecnician on premises.
What it means:
All repairs and relines are done while you wait.
All repairs and relines are lab processed, providing you with the best possible results.
Same DAY new Denture Service is available.