Dental adhesives


Denture adhesive is the simplest way to gain some retention in the properly constructed full denture. It is available in the paste or powder form in almost all pharmacies and is manufactured by several companies.

Should I Use a Denture Adhesive?

A denture adhesive should be used to enhance retention, stability, bite force and an individual's sense of security in a properly constructed denture. If you have very pronounced facial expressions, and are worried about a denture coming loose, it may be a good idea to use an adhesive as a back-up device.

Are Denture Adhesives Safe?

If you use the adhesives correctly – they are safe. If they are used to fill voids for an ill-fitting denture, they will cause inflammation of the underlining soft tissues and increase bone resorption (loss). Some times the formation of inflamed tissue under ill-fitting dentures reaches the point, where surgical intervention could be the only treatment.

When Should Adhesives Not be Considered?

If your denture begins to feel loose, cause discomfort or cause sores to develop you should not use the adhesive. Though they will provide you with the temporary relief, the bad fitting denture will cause the flabby, mushy gum tissue to form under the base of the denture, causing more and more discomfort and pain, making a denture looser and looser. If you use more and more adhesive, if you have to apply it more often, if dentures cause pain, or if the fit of the denture is not what it used to be, you should see your dentist. A reline of your existing denture may be necessary or a new denture may be needed.

 If you know that any of ingredients causes allergic reaction you should not use the adhesive.


In our Greenpoint Denture Center we have the dental tecnician on premises.
What it means:
All repairs and relines are done while you wait.
All repairs and relines are lab processed, providing you with the best possible results.
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Here are a few denture adhesives availuable in stores

PoliGrip Super Denture Adhesive Powder, Extra Strength 1.6 oz Container (Pack of 6)
Super Poli-Grip  More Info
price: $22.20

Sea Bond Denture Adhesive, Uppers, Fresh Natural Mint, 15 Uppers per Pack, (Case of 6 Packs)
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price: $25.74

Sea Bond Denture Adhesive, Lowers, Fresh Natural Mint, 15 lowers per Pack, (Case of 6)
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price: $25.74

Fixodent Denture Adhesive Cream Plus Scope, Adhesive With Control Tip, 2-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)
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price: $20.81

D.O.C. Denture Wipes Instantly Removes Denture Adhesive. No Scrubbing, No Brushing, No Mess, 40 Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
D.o.c. Denture Wipes  More Info
price: $19.27